Welcome to MarnovaMarble Turkey, a new venture under the prestigious roof of Onur Grup A.Ş., which has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1983. As Onur Metal Atelier, we started out by specializing in heating devices. and rainwater drainage systems. Over the years, we have diligently embraced technological advances, which prompted us to implement the latest innovations in stormwater drainage systems, including uninterrupted stormwater transport systems in 2002.

Our head office, located in Konya, the heart of Akşehir, is advancing with steady steps towards becoming a pioneer in our region by following the innovations in technology with our expert and friendly team. Over time we have diversified our offerings and from 2006 expanded wholesale and retail distribution of roofing materials, insulation and construction components.

In 2016, we opened our Onur Roof tiles production company. Located in Akşehir O.S.B., this establishment can produce an average of 2 roof tiles per second with a professional team and the latest technology.

We are constantly growing with our widespread presence with 250 dealers across Türkiye.

In 2018, we grew even more with the incorporation of Onur Grup Architectural Services, which successfully carries out architectural, mechanical, structural, electrical, mapping and geotechnical projects. Our head office, where we make an average of 100,000 m2 project drawings per year, is the embodiment of our architectural expertise.

In 2021, we established Onur Grup İnşaat A.Ş., which offers proprietary formulas for rapid concrete production and maximum efficiency and minimum cost in construction with its technologically advanced machinery in our Onur Grup Ready Mixed Concrete facility.

In 2022, we entered the prefabricated concrete sector with Onur Grup Beton Prefabrik.

While we continue to build the foundations of our success on our history of excellence and technological development, we started exporting the best marble slabs and customized products to the world in 2023 with our commitment to quality and innovation with MarnovaMarble Turkey.